Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship

By May 2024, a total of $319,000 has been granted to more than 112 students attending schools in Burnaby School District.

Initial funding for these scholarships, part of a ten-year program, was provided by Michael J. Fox to assist students in pursuing careers in the visual and performing arts. Funding is now managed by a committee which draws support from corporate and personal donations, grants, an internal foundation fund and operating revenue from the Theatre’s concession operations.

Scholarship applicants must be graduating at the end of the current school year and be enrolled in an arts course in a Burnaby secondary school. Applicants must demonstrate interest, dedication and aptitude in an arts discipline (e.g. dance, drama, music, visual arts, theatre, script writing, stagecraft, directing, media arts). Scholarship funds are to be used to pursue study at a post-secondary institution in an arts or arts-related area.

Awards are based on the strength of the application and evidence of financial need. The amount awarded to each individual may range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Applicants complete an application package (obtained through their school’s Student Services office) and submit to their school’s Scholarship Committee.

Lobby mural design by Axana Gaidacheva - 2006 recipient from Burnaby South Secondary School

Congratulations to the Michael J Fox Theatre Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship Recipients of 2024

The Michael J Fox Theatre Society Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 Michael J Fox Theatre Scholarships for students in the Visual and Performing Arts in Burnaby.

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Teagan Wong

Burnaby Central Secondary School
The Burnaby Firefighters & Michael J Fox Theatre Scholarship in Memory of Marilyn Codyre

Amanda Chin

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School
Phyllis Fox Scholarship

Shirley Wang

Alpha Secondary School

Jasmine Chan

Burnaby South Secondary School

Sydney Vidler

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

Danica Norcott

Moscrop Secondary School

Letter to the Michael J Fox Theatre Society Scholarship Committee:

Simply put, thank you so much for not only considering me for this award, but for granting me it out of a sea of so many talented and deserving graduates.

Above all, I want to thank you for recognizing my achievements, it means the world that all that I have done over the past five years has had such a big impact on my community around me. It puts into context the large effect we can have on those around us with the littlest actions.

In granting me this scholarship you are truly helping me start off the next chapter of my life on the right foot. Through this financial aid, it allows me to place my full concentration on my studies, and most of all continuing to serve my community. Without a dependence of the worry of the monetary aspects of my studies at Simon Fraser University this upcoming fall, I want to make it my goal to show you all that you chose the right student, by giving back to those around me, improving my community , and continuing to indulge in volunteerism.

I’d like to shine a light on why I am so thankful for this scholarship in particular. Since the beginning of high school, art has played such an important role in my education, and personal development. As such, having such an established organization recognize by artistic achievements shows me that my skills have grown to a point where I merit recognition. … As a person who suffers from the chronic conditions of Crohn’s disease, … [this] inspires me to continue growing and give back to the community of fellow Crohn’s sufferers.

Thank you so much,

Keyaan Vegdani
2022 Scholarship Recipient