Additional Resources

Additional equipment available as rental items include the following:

Yamaha C-7 Conservatory Grand Piano – This 7′-6″ Grand is finished in gloss black, and is equipped with a Colson wheel system to allow for ease of movement in the stage area.  The piano has been praised by many solo artists who have found it to be suitable to all but the most demanding orchestral repertoire.  It is the ideal instrument to accompany choirs and acoustic ensembles, and with the addition of appropriate microphones, can stand up to amplified ensembles with a wonderful tonal range.

This instrument is kept in its own isolated and insulated container – this helps maintain tuning stability.  Rental costs for this piano are $200.00 per event/day – tuning by client request is approximately $185.00

EIKI LC-WXL200 LCD Video Projector – This 5500 lumen video projector has two lenses available – a 1.3 to 1 to 1.7 to 1 variable zoom lens which can be used when the projector is either pipe-mounted (generally on the 1st LX pipe) for projecting on the upstage cyclorama curtain, or ground mounted near the upstage wall for use with our 10.5’X14′ rear-projection screen.  The second lens is a fixed focal-length (0.8 to 1) unit which produces a very large image as shown.  Inputs to this unit may be VGA, HDMI or composite signals. Depending on the source you provide, you will now be able to project an image, video, or presentation almost twenty-eight feet wide!  Please feel free to call us with your ideas for your production and we will be happy to discuss them with you. Rental for this projector is $100.00 per event/day

NEC VT470 Video Projector – This 1000 lumen projector is suitable for portable applications as well as on stage in a rear-projection capacity.  Inputs may be composite or VGA.  Rental for this unit is $50.00 per event/day