Privacy Policy

This website ( ) does not initiate or collect information through on-line forms. Our site is informative, not interactive. The Michael J. Fox Theatre Society does, however, have a general privacy policy as follows:

The Board of Directors of the MJFT Society recognizes that individuals have a right to privacy and that the MJFT Society has a responsibility to handle personal information appropriately.

MJFT Society staff, contractors and volunteers will handle information in the manner of a reasonable person with due consideration for each situation and the sensitivity of the information involved.

The MJFT Society is a non-profit organization covered by the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and as such is responsible for ensuring the appropriate handling of all personal information under its control or custody.

The MJFT Society has information management policies, practices and procedures to govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

The MJFT Society shall ensure that all those acting on behalf of the organization are aware of the organization's responsibility in relation to PIPA.

All MJFT Society volunteers, employees and contractors must follow MJFT Society policies, practices and procedures when dealing with personal information.

    MJFT Society shall:
  • collect, use and disclose information for legitimate and reasonable purposes only,
  • limit the collection of information to that which a reasonable person would consider necessary to fulfill the purposes of the organization,
  • recognize the individual's right to:
    • know information is being collected,
    • know the purpose of the collection,
    • upon request, see and correct personal information,
    • make a complaint regarding the handling of personal information
  • 4. appoint a Privacy Officer with the specific responsibility to ensure that the MJFT Society complies with PIPA.

For further information, please Contact our privacy officer.